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Four orphans find one another after the end of a huge war. Their identities are scattered and their lives are changed forever. As one year passes, they all bond as children, only to be torn apart. Mona is determined she'll find them all again. Her orphaned friends are taken far away to join an army and a secret church. In a world of fantasy, knights, magic and hidden royalty, the friends must find a way to unite and fight for their old lives.


It only gets more complicated, however, when romance blooms between two young orphans, now adults. Mona is simply an abandoned child, but Vlaric is definitely a somebody. Vlaric's secret connection to royalty is what drives him to outwit his enemies. As a forbidden prince from before the war, he's determined to overthrow the army that wiped his family off the grid. So, in a world where family is dead - fatalities come first. Love comes second.